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Why advertise on Thscore?

1. Thscore ranks in the top three in all Thai live score site, which has a large number of loyal users.

2. High traffic.

Mobile Version: PV>4,000,000/day , IP>230,000/ day

3. Your ad will always be displayed on our website and the users cannot close it.

4. In order to ensure the quality of your ads, the number of ad ranks on our website is limited. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.


Advertising procedure

1. Inquire for the position and price by Email or Skype

2. we will send you the invoice after you confirmed the position and price ,and payment must be finished within 3 working days, or we will consider that you have canceled the position.

3. Please send us bank slip after you paid.

4. Please send us the banner and link.

5. You should send us banner and link within 5 working days after we confirmed to receive your payment. Otherwise, the banner validity date will be counted on the 6th day.

6. We will upload your banner after we received payment.



1. Advertising content must not involve information such as politics, superstition, and fraud, and we have the right to delete the banner if we do not follow our relevant regulations.

2. Thscore only send invoice by this email 【】, please do not trust other email addresses, if any loss occurs, Thscore will not bear any responsibility .

Thscore Advertising Types and Positions

1.Home page Positions

2.Page of analysis

3.Page of detail

4.Page of odds

5.Page of today

6.Page of basketball